Rafting en la Subbética



Offer valid for groups of more than 9 members

Rafting en Benamejí
Rafting en la Subbética

Discover the jewel of the Heart of Andalusia. Rafting in Benamejí with Benamejí Rafting is enjoying adventure and nature in a unique environment. Rafting on the Genil River is, without a doubt, one of the trendy group experiences in Adventure sports.

descent of Genil river as it passes through the municipal area of Benameji (Cordoba). Rafting in Benamejí, between May and October, presents ideal conditions for descent, with a level of difficulty of grade II-III that is enjoyed by all types of audiences. To go rafting in Benamejí in other months of the year, check with the company for water releases from the reservoirs.

It is a section of about 9 kilometers in which there is a quieter section and another section in which you can enjoy the adventure of this sport. The activity lasts 3 and a half hours, of which one and a half hours takes place on the waters of the Genil River. Minimum age of 12 years.

It is the calmest section of Rafting on the Genil River so it is especially recommended for children (from 7 years old). The activity lasts approximately an hour and a half, of which there are about 30 minutes in the water. The route of the family rafting section in Benamejí is about 3 kilometers.


Grade II-III difficulty level. Middle-low. Easy section recommended for inexperienced users, families, schoolchildren, companies, etc...

Qualified guides with extensive knowledge of the environment and the sport of Rafting. The maximum ratio is 8 adults/monitor or 10 children/monitor.

Family Section: 1 hour. 30 minutes. (30 minutes in the water)
Adult section: 3 hours. 30 minutes. (1 hour and 30 minutes in the water)

Benamejí Rafting provides you with the following materials:
- Helmet

– Shovel
- Lifejacket
- Neoprene suit

You must bring to go Rafting in Benamejí:
– Swimsuit and sports shoes to get wet (sports or hiking shoes. Flip-flops are not suitable for the activity). It is important that the footwear has good grip.
– Dry molt.